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August 2021 This month, we are focusing on two of our apprentices, Eva and Lionel.

At Dixence we are always proud to welcome apprentices, whether in production, in the design office or in other departments.
Zoom on Eva and Lionel

LIONEL SOUDY: Can you introduce yourself and your training?
EVA GALISSON: My name is Eva GALISSON, I am 19 years old and I am in the 1st year of a BTS Management of PME-PMI work-study program on the Sacré Coeur La Salle campus in Angers. And you ?
LS: My name is Lionel SOUDY, I was 22 at the beginning of July and I am currently training as a general engineer in work-study program at the Institut Catholique des Arts et Métiers de la Roche sur Yon. The training takes place in 3 years, I am in the 1st year.

LS: Why did you choose a work-study program?
EG: I chose to continue my work-study program because it allows me to gain professional experience while continuing my studies and I can put my theoretical knowledge into practice. And you, why was the work-study program your choice?
LS: Although my school offered me the same training but on a continuous basis, I wanted to engage in work-study training because the principles learned at school find resonance when I am in a period in a company.

EG: Why did you choose the Dixence company?
LS: When I started my research to find the host company for this training, Dixence was the only company to have given me a positive response to my application and moreover, I had already worked in the same sector. activity during my previous training. And you ?
EG: I chose the Dixence company because from what I perceived during the interview it was the diversity of the position and the geographical proximity that I liked.

EG: How long have you been with Dixence and what is your pace of presence?
LS: I have been here since October, the work-study rhythm is progressive during the training: 1 to 2 months either in school or in a company for the first year and finally a long period of 6 months in business for the third year. And you, how long have you been in the company and what is your rate of presence?
EG: I have been with Dixence since September 2020, and my work-study schedule is 3 days in a company (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and 2 days at school (Thursday, Friday).

EG: What have you achieved since you’ve been here?
LS: I made a VBA program that allows the automation of computer functions to help designers do a specific job. I also did a part manufacturing analysis and now I am on a call for projects for collaborative work with a competitiveness cluster: Polyméris.
LS: What do you like or least like about Dixence?
EG: What I like about Dixence are the tasks entrusted to me such as supplier and customer management, standard and reception as well as the working atmosphere. And you ?
LS: There is a very good working atmosphere, I have apprenticeship teachers who are listening to me and so far I have not noticed any flaws to share!

EG: Do you know what you would like to do later?
LS: After my studies I would like to be an engineer and join a company. What do you want to do?
EG: After my BTS in SME-SMI management, I plan to pursue a bachelor’s degree in human resources management because in my BTS there is an HR subject and that’s what I like the most.

Thanks to both of them. We wish them all the best!

July 2021 The new generation of High Speed Train – TGV – will consume 20% less energy than the current one. Its manufacturer Alstom must deliver its first train to SNCF, the French Railways in 2023

The Hutchinson site in Roubaix, which designs and manufactures high added value technical rubber parts, will supply many parts for this new platform.
The Roubaix plant, which is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, has long been involved in the rail market. Hutchinson invited Dixence to “come on board” by entrusting him with the realization of a tooling for an interior trim seal with a dimension of 2200 x 250mm. Dixence will deliver this extraordinary work to the Hutchinson Roubaix “station” in July 2021.

We wanted to thank them for this wonderful trip, for this wonderful project.

Welcome at DIXENCE, specialist in designing and manufacturing moulds for rubber injection.

The owners Thanh Binh VO and Xavier FREULON bring their expertise and know-how and are recognized on the national and international markets for their efficiency and reliability.

DIXENCE is differentiated with its own in-house design department with 6 designers.

We work in close business relationship with the major French and International automotive suppliers. We also work with the press manufacturers.

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